TPI Vibratome Series 1000

TPI Vibratome Series 1000 with a series 3000 Sectioning System Controller



Total Vertical Specimen Stroke 10mm

Section thickness Increments 10 microns

Maximum Specimen size 25 x 25 x 10mm

Sectioning speed 0-1.25mm/s

Return stroke speed 1.25mm/s

Maximum Sectioning range 30mm

Bath size 146 x 146 x 50mm

Repeatable height adjustment 10 microns

Adjustable specimen angle 0-50o

Arcuate blade path adjustment 0-1.25mm

Vibrating blade microtomes are used to produce monolayer or thick sections of fixed or fresh tissue under physiological conditions without freezing or embedding. maintaining the morphology, enzyme activity and cell viability of the tissue. Their use also minimizes artifacts, compression distortion, cell destruction and other inherent deleterious effects of sectioning.