Leica Laser Microdissection Microscope


The Leica AS LMD (Laser Micro Dissection) System is configured around a Leica DMLA upright fluorescent microscope with a motorized stage and a 337nm UV Laser.

Often referred to as “Laser Capture”, the laser microdissection system allows users to isolate and dissect single cells at 40x magnification as well as larger regions at 4x or 10x magnification. Up to four different cell types located on multiple fields or multiple slides can be simultaneously collected and pooled into individual PCR tubes in the multi-tube holder system. Cells can be distinguished by their morphology in brightfield or by using commonly available fluorescent labels. The LMD uses the laser to cut around the specimen, after which, the targeted specimen falls via gravity directly into a PCR tube cap. With this technique, the regions of interest are not directly exposed to the laser during cutting or transferring, thereby reducing potential damage to the collected cells. Samples can be acquired from frozen and paraffin-embedded sections of various tissue types, including those of plant origin.

Specific CTAC Leica AS LMD System Configuration:

  • Blue long-pass fluorescent filter cube (Leica Filter # D)
  • Green band-pass fluorescent filter cube (Leica Filter # L5)
  • Red long-pass fluorescent filter cube (Leica Filter # N2.1)
  • 4, 10, and 40x objectives
  • 337nm UV Laser


 Service Contact

Doug Smith: Email / 352.392.1745

Disclaimer: The services and systems offered are available to researchers within the University of Florida system and affiliated institutions, as well as some off-campus entities with NIH funding, for their basic research projects or as part of basic research collaborations with other academic institutions or nonprofit organizations, which do not include involvement or funding from for-profit (commercial) organizations. The CTAC reserves the right to refuse service to any entity or project that may present a biological or health hazard, introduce potential pathogens, or otherwise pose a risk to staff or contamination to the facility.