Olympus IV100 Intravital Microscope

IV100The IV100 intravital laser scanning microscope offers near-confocal resolution thanks to fiber optic laser light delivery, with simultaneous 3-channel acquisition from 488/561/633/748nm excitation lasers.

The core technology – the MicroProbe objectives – allow researchers to do minimal surgery on their animals and yet view the tissue of interest with an objective lens at a cellular level.


Key features of the Olympus IV100 include:

  • 3 simultaneous detection channels for multicolor fluorescence
  • 4 lasers:
    – Argon laser @ 488 nm
    – Diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) laser @ 561 nm
    – Red Helium-neon laser @ 633 nm
    – Diode laser @ 748 nm
  • Immersible Microprobe lens technology for minimally invasive in vivo visualization and simple chemical sterilization
  • Microprobe objectives:
    – 6x: Wide angle, NA 0.14, 13mm diameter lens, large FOV of 670 microns
    – 20x: High resolution, NA 0.5, 1.3mm diameter lens, FOV of 200 microns
    – 27x: High resolution, NA 0.7, 3.5mm diameter lens, FOV of 200 microns
  • Conventional Objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
  • Multipositional, tilting scanhead
  • X,Y,Z,T scan combination
    – 76mm range in Z
  • Heated stage, integrated Isoflurane rig.

Service Contact

Gary Brown: Email / 352.273.6569

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