ICBR / CTAC Closed: December Break

Published: November 19th, 2018

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Happy Holidays

December Holiday Break:

ICBR / CTAC and ICBR Cytometry will be closed for the December holiday break.  “After hours” equipment access will not be available during this time and the equipment will be taken offline.  Anyone caught attempting to access the equipment during the shutdown may lose their access privileges.

Holiday Closing Dates:

CLOSE: 7.00am, Monday December 23rd.

REOPEN: 11.00am, Thursday January 2nd

Note: The Cryostat will take additional time to shutdown and restart with regard to its internal temperature.  The shutdown for this equipment will be at 3.00pm Friday, December 20th. Due to the increased start time will not be open and available until 8.00am Friday, January 3rd.