New Cytometry / CTAC Policy-Self Service usage

Published: March 6th, 2019

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New - Self Service Policy Use

In an effort to provide our users the best service, ICBR Cytometry will begin implementing a new process starting on March 4th, 2019 aimed at optimizing instrument access by utilizing a self-service timer and reservation calendar.

All Cytometry and CTAC users (walk-ups included) must use the self-service timer as it will become the basis for all ICBR invoicing. In addition, walk-up self-users without a confirmed reservation (in Cross Lab) will need to make a new reservation before logging onto the instrument. Should self-users find a pre-existing reservation for that time, they are required to reserve the next available time slot. This will ensure accountability and that proper payment information is associated with the logged usage time. Users will be responsible for deleting or altering their reservations; if a user is running late or needs to cancel, they are responsible for modifying the reservation or will be charged an instrument use fee of $50.

NOTE: Users that fail to make the complete transition to the self-service timer and reservation calendar by May 1st, 2019, will run the risk of losing access and privileges to Cytometry services.

We appreciate your business and believe this transition will provide greater availability to our users and reduce the non-usage time that often occurs due to mishandled reservations.

Thank you for using ICBR Cytometry We appreciate your cooperation with these changes.

Dr. Andria Doty


Andria Doty Ph.D.

Cytometry Scientific Director


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