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Spatial Patterning: Self-organizing human cardiac microchambers mediated by geometric confinement

Published: Jul 15th, 2015

Human induced pluripotent stem cells can be pushed toward different fates (pink versus blue) depending on their positions within a confined space.

A naturally monomeric infrared fluorescent protein for protein labeling in vivo

Published: Jun 23rd, 2015

Infrared fluorescent proteins (IFPs) provide an additional color to GFP and its homologs in protein labeling.

A new method for growing human brain cells could unlock the mysteries of dementia, mental illness, and other neurological disorders.

Published: Mar 3rd, 2015

Expansion Microscopy

Published: Jan 21st, 2015

Physical expansion of specimens via swellable polymer network allows physical expansion resulting in physical magnification without distortion of physical morphology.

Picturing Infection

Published: Jan 13th, 2015

SNAP-tagging technique provides unprecedentedly detailed images of mouse neurons.

Published: Dec 10th, 2014

Control of gene expression using a red- and far-red light–responsive bi-stable toggle switch

Published: Feb 28th, 2014

A protocol for red light–responsive gene expression in mammalian cells. The system can be toggled between stable ON and OFF states by short pulses of red and far-red light, respectively.

3-D imaging provides window into living cells, no dye required

Published: Jan 22nd, 2014

New technique needs no dyes/ chemicals, yet renders quantitative imagery of cells with conventional microscopes and white light.

Tau Ligand Reveals Tangles In Vivo

Published: Sep 19th, 2013

Researchers image snarls of tau in living humans using PET.

A bilirubin-inducible fluorescent protein from eel muscle

Published: Aug 12th, 2013

The first fluorescent protein cloned from a vertebrate species, the Japanese eel.