CTAC IACUC Services – How it works

The CTAC is delighted to be able to assist you in getting your IACUC animal approvals done here at the University of Florida.

When contracted, the client lab will (with CTAC help if required) add Gary Brown to the protocol in the role of Study Coordinator.  This will allow him to see all parts of the protocol and write all the relevant sections that are needed.  The type of service will determine the further actions taken.

A full description for each of the services offered is available through the left side sidebar.  To contract this service, simply fill out the online form, found either on the left sidebar or in the Forms section.

The billable rate for this service is either at $60.00 per hour, charged in 15 minute units, or as a flat fee for service dependent upon the selection.  This labor rate is the standard established for all operations within the Core, noted in the Costs section of the site.

The CTAC is proud to offer these services to help investigators manage time while assuring all welfare and compliance needs are met.