CTAC ICBR SOP: Recognition of the Controls to Customize and Manipulate Images Using the Leica TCS SP5 Confocal Microscope System

Materials Required:

  • LCS software
  • Computer
  • Leica TCS SP5 Confocal Microscope


To facilitate recognition of the controls of the Leica TCS SP5 Confocal Microscope System in customizing and manipulating acquired images.


Right side of confocal image screen

Button Function
Channel Control by Numbers 1Channel Control by Numbers 2Channel Control by Numbers 3 – These buttons allow you to turn different channels of a sequential scan on and off.
Overlay Button – Overlays all colors to form a single composite image.
Combine Zstack Images Button – Takes the multiple images from a Z stack and combines the brightest pixels into one image.
Axis Stack Intensity Button – Shows the intensity along a chosen X and Y axis through each section of a stack.
View Sections Button – Permits the user to see each image through a stack while the instrument is optically sectioning.
Zstack Image Control A Zstack Image Control B Zstack Image Control C Zstack Image Control D Zstack Image Control E – Advances the images of a stack one at a time, all the way to the beginning or end, or play them in sequence as a movie.


Left side of confocal image screen


Button Function
Expand Options Button – Expands the options so that you have access to all the tools.
Highlight Button – Highlights items to be moved on the screen or highlighted for other functions.
Highlight All Annotations Button – This button highlights all of the annotations that have been added onto an image.
Erase Delete Button – Highlighting items and then clicking this button removes the item from the image.
Shape Area Of Interest Button – Define areas of interest by drawing a line, placing circles / ellipses or squares / rectangles.
Place Arrows Emphasis Button – Place arrows to define points of emphasis.
Add Text Button – Type in text by hand or place the time and date onto an image.
Place Micron Bar Button – Places a micron bar for size reference on an image.  To place a micron bar of a certain length, highlight it after it has been placed on the image, right click and choose “Properties”.  You may then enter in the length that you want the bar to be.  You may also reposition the bar by clicking and dragging it to another location.
Define ROI w Numbers Button – Define ROI (Region of Interest) with numbers.
Zoom Control Button BIG Zoom Control Button WEE – Zoom in or out of a captured image.
Size Correction for Print Button – Make images the correct size to avoid being pixelated when saved and printed.