Getting Started

Welcome to the Cell & Tissue Analysis Core!

We would like to help you get started so that you can carry on with your science with the minimum of fuss and be able to access the numerous instruments that we have available. To that end, this has been developed as a quick and simple primer / guide for getting all the documentation in order.

The first questions….

  • Is this project at a biosafety level higher than BSL-2?  If so, then special arrangements will be needed to ensure containment and we will require a copy of your referencing EH & S project and approval before you use the instruments.
  • Does this project involve research animals?  If so, both a copy of your referencing IACUC (Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee approved) project and its approval will be needed before you use the instruments.

Accounts set up and instructions

Before you are able to use the Core equipment, you must complete a few basic steps.  The first of these is to set up the relevant accounts. For each person, TWO forms must be submitted.  One of these is a specific CTAC user account and the other is a CTAC Fiscal Application form identifying the chart fields / funding code necessary to pay for services.  The CTAC account is also valid for use of the Self-Serve Histology Lab.  These two forms can be located in the Forms section of the site.  Please note that until these are completed and submitted, you cannot access nor schedule any instrument.

If you have problems downloading or printing the forms, you can also pick up physical copies in the core (MBI room LG-164). Once you have both forms filled out and signed by your PI, drop them off with Doug Smith in the main CTAC office (LG-164)  and he will fill in the top section and generate your account number.

If you will be working with more than one grant, we have a system in place to track which grant you want to have charged. If this is the case, please advise Doug by phone call or stopping by and he will go over the process with you before you fill out the forms.

Both of these forms need to be delivered to Doug Smith in the LG-164 suite, or if unavailable to the main front office staff.  The link to these forms is on the main menu bar above.

Compliance and IACUC help

All projects conducted within the CTAC must be fully compliant with the descriptions given in either EH & S registration forms or IACUC project approvals.  Help is available through the Core to assist in completing IACUC project submissions, either through direct consult or via standard language used for animal use in the Core environment.  Gary Brown specializes in this aspect and can help you move your project forward.

A generalized version of IACUC acceptable language for the in vivo imaging machines is available here: CTAC_IACUC_verbage

Facilities access help

Facilities access is controlled by the main MBI front office.  They will coordinate the 5th floor facility access form and accept once completed.  This is an online form and is entitled: “MBI Restricted Access Request Form“.  Once approved, they coordinate with Animal Care Services staff to set up a familiarization tour to compete facility specific training.