Leica RM2235 Microtome

Leica RM2235 Manual Rotary Microtome Manual – hosted by Leica.


  • Precision specimen orientation with zero point reference
  • Compact, ergonomic overall design
  • User safety integrated into all aspects of the instrument
  • Ergonomically located coarse feed wheel for fatigue-free operation
  • Extremely smooth-running handwheel due to patented force compensation system
  • Two safety locking mechanisms on the handwheel
  • Precise knife holder lateral adjustment ensures that the entire width of the blade edge can be used
  • Cooling plate
  • Single-handed operation specimen clamps
  • Universal knife holder base for different knife holders
  • Disposable blade holder with integrated safety finger protection guard
  • Spacious magnetized section waste tray
  • One-piece, easy-to-clean housing
Section thickness
Setting range: 1 – 60 μm
Setting values:
  • 1 – 10 μm in 1 μm increments
  • 10 – 20 μm in 2 μm increments
  • 20 – 60 μm in 5 μm increments
Section thickness indication: viewing window
Coarse feed: manual via coarse feed wheel
Trim settings: 10, 30 μm
Total horizontal specimen feed: approx. 30 mm
Vertical stroke: 70 mm
Specimen retraction: approx. 60 μm, can be deactivated