Leica VT 1000S Vibratome

Leica VT1000 S Vibrating Microtome Manual  – hosted by Leica.

The Leica VT1000 S is a vibrating blade microtome, designed for high-quality sectioning. This Leica microtome can be employed in various fields of study including neurophysiology, neuropathology, experimental pathology, botany and industry. Whether it’s for sectioning fixed tissue for specific neuropathology tests or sectioning unfixed native tissue, the Leica VT1000 S consistently provides superior and convincing sectioning results.

Linear selection of both sectioning speed and sectioning frequency, as well as five different amplitude settings allow the user to adjust the Leica VT1000 S microtome to meet virtually any sectioning needs. The Leica VT1000 S accelerates the sectioning process as it features a high-speed knife return stroke of 5 mm/sec as well as a freely programmable sectioning window, which ensures extremely quick sectioning of even the smallest specimens.

The Leica VT1000 S microtome also carries an adjustable specimen retraction feature that protects the specimen during the return stroke of the knife. The knife holder and buffer tray are easily exchangeable, eliminating any risk of fixation solution carry-over when changing from fixed to unfixed specimens.

Additionally, the VT1000 S microtome allows enzyme activity within the tissue to be preserved optimally during the sectioning process. This is achieved by either a combination of removable buffer tray / integrated ice bath or a double-walled buffer tray with thermostat temperature control for constant buffering.

  • Linear sectioning speed and frequency adjustment
  • Sectioning thickness totalizer
  • Freely programmable sectioning window
  • Programmable specimen retraction
  • Easy mounting and removing of knife holder and buffer tray
  • Adjustable 2x large-field magnifier
 Leica VT1000S Microtome Specifications
Leica VT1000 S
Sectioning Frequency Linear adjustment from 0 – 100 Hz
Voltage Range (± 10 %) 100 V – 240 V (Long-range mains power supply)
Nominal Frequency (± 10 %) 50 – 60 Hz
Power Consumption 35 VA
Amplitude 5 different settings selectable: 0.2; 0.4; 0.6; 0.8; 1.0 mm
Sectioning Speed 0,025 – 2,5 mm/sec
Return Speed 5 mm/sec
Total Vertical Specimen Stroke 15 mm (motorized) standard or 20 mm (optional)
Specimen Retraction 0 – 999 µm (motorized)
Sectioning Range 1 – 40 mm
Maximum Specimen Size with Standard Knife Holder 33 x 40 mm
Maximum Specimen Size with Knife Holder L 70 x 40 mm
Sectioning Thickness Setting 1 – 999 µm (in 1-µm steps)
Magnifier 2 x