Microm HM505e Cryostat

The Microm HM 505 E Cryostat is a highly efficient, electronic microtome cryostat. This Microm cryostat is an upright standing unit with an open-top working area, providing ergonomics and convenience to the operator whether in standing or sitting position.

Designed with a cooling system, the Microm HM 505 E cryostat can cut the temperature range down to -35°C of the microtome and knife carrier work area. This also allows the instrument to cool the freezing stations for freezing-on specimens onto the specimen stages. The HM 505 E is equipped with an automatic 24-h-defroster with interrupt key as well as a handwheel brake.

The rustproof HM 505 E provides protection for the knife and specimen as it retracts the specimen at the end of the cut. The motorized coarse feed system also allows the sample to be moved forward and backward, and with the automatic approach feature, fast and exact adjustment between specimen and knife-edge is guaranteed.

Two knife carriers are available for the Microm HM 505 E Microtome Cryostat. The standard knife carrier is for knives to be easily clamped in place and adjusted, and the disposable blade holder EC for high- and low-profile blades. The corresponding anti-roll guides facilitate taking off sections.