In Vitro Imaging

We are pleased to offer a multitude of different instruments to satisfy your in vitro imaging needs.

We have available the following:

  • Nikon Multiphoton / Super Resolution Imaging System featuring High Resolution single-photon excitation confocal imaging, multiphoton imaging with 1 or 2 scanners with a tunable multiphoton laser, etc.
  • Leica DM2500 Upright Fluorescent Microscope featuring 8 different objectives and RGB filters (2 Green).
  • Olympus DSU-IX81 Spinning Disc Confocal Microscope featuring Image acquisition less than 33msec/frame, 4 objectives and 6 filter sets.
  • Olympus IX70 Inverted Fluorescent Microscope featuring 7 different objectives and RGB filters (2 Green).
  • Nikon Ti-E Inverted Live Cell Imaging System featuring 4 different objectives and 8 filters sets and a stage-top Tokai Hit Incubation Chamber and digital gas mixer.
  • Zeiss Axioplan 2 Upright Fluorescent Microscope featuring 6 different objectives and RGB filters (2 Green).

Specific In Vitro Imaging / Microscopy instrument pages can be found an the left sidebar menu. Select your instrument of interest and click for more information.