Zeiss Axioplan 2 Upright Fluorescent Microscope

QImaging Retiga 4000R Monochrome Camera with RGB-HM-5 Color Filter

QCapture Pro 7* (Windows 7)

AttoArc HBO 100 Arc Lamp


  • 5x) FLUAR  (Zeiss # 440125)  NA=0.25  WD=12.5mm
  • 10x) FLUAR  (Zeiss # 440135)  NA=0.50  WD=1.9mm
  • 20x) Plan-APOCHROMAT  (Zeiss # 440649)  NA=0.75  WD=0.61mm
  • 40x) Plan-NEOFLUAR  (Zeiss # 440350)  NA=0.75  WD=0.71mm
  • 63x Oil Immersion) Plan-APOCHROMAT  (Zeiss # 440762)  NA=1.4  WD=0.19mm
  • 100x Oil Immersion) Plan-APOCHROMAT  (Zeiss # 440782)  NA=1.40  WD=0.17mm

Fluorescent Filter Sets

  • Blue / DAPI: Chroma # 31000v2
  • Green / FITC: Chroma # 31001
  • Red / Texas Red: Chroma # 31004
  • Triple Band – DAPI / FITC / Texas Red: Chroma # 61

Service Contact

Doug Smith: Email / 352.392.1745

Disclaimer: The services and systems offered are available to researchers within the University of Florida system and affiliated institutions, as well as some off-campus entities with NIH funding, for their basic research projects or as part of basic research collaborations with other academic institutions or nonprofit organizations, which do not include involvement or funding from for-profit (commercial) organizations. The CTAC reserves the right to refuse service to any entity or project that may present a biological or health hazard, introduce potential pathogens, or otherwise pose a risk to staff or contamination to the facility.