Olympus DSU-IX81 Spinning Disc Confocal

The Olympus DSU (Disk Scanning Unit) offers leading-edge spinning disk confocal technology. Designed by Olympus, the DSU disk contains a pattern of slits that creates a virtual pinhole as the disk spins at 3,000 rpm. Designed to optimize the tradeoff between confocality and light throughput, the DSU uses an arc lamp illumination source for maximum excitation wavelength flexibility.

Image formation is obtained from a CCD camera that allows full frame images to be acquired at up to 15 frames per second. The DSU is excellent for live-cell applications where speed of acquisition and minimal phototoxicity is paramount.

Disk control is fully motorized allowing a computer to easily engage the disk into the lightpath and select wavelengths via the included filter changer. Five disks are available of varying slit width and spacing allowing the DSU to be optimized for varying objective numerical apertures and specimen thicknesses.

Key features of the Olympus DSU include:

  • DSU Spinning Disk Confocal Scanner mounted on an Olympus IX81 inverted fluorescent microscope
  • Maximum scan speed: Image acquisition less than 33msec/frame
  • DAPI, GFP, FITC, TRITC, RFP, and CY5 filter sets
  • Excitation wavelengths: 350nm – 700nm
  • Observation mode: Exchange between confocal and non-confocal modes can be performed through the software
  • 10 and 20 and 40x Dry, and 60x Water immersion objectives
  • Fully motorized disk operation and wavelength selection
  • Motorized condenser with DIC optics
  • 3-D acquisition and visualization
  • Confocal images can be collected with objectives from 10x to 100x.
  • Hamamatsu C4742-80-12AG Monochrome CCD Camera for image acquisition allows full frame, high resolution imaging at up to 15 f.p.s. and 1344 x 1024 resolution (1.37 million pixels)
  • 12 bit Prior Lumen200 (200 Watt metal arc lamp) light source

PLEASE NOTE:  This system is now using a new software platform (Olympus CellSens).

All of the old user access permissions have been purged in iLab. Users who previously operated the system will need to undergo an orientation/re-training before they will be able to use the system again. Once you have had the software re-training, your access permissions will be restored. Please contact Doug to schedule a re-training session.


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