Nikon Ti-E Inverted Live Cell Imaging System

Nikon Ti-EZyla sCMOS 5.5 Megapixel camera, 30 fps, 11 bit and 16 bit, Nikon DS-Fi2 Color 5.24 Megapixels camera.

NIS-Elements Image Capture and Analysis Software.

Equipped with a stage-top Tokai Hit Incubation Chamber and digital gas mixer, with sensor feedback system for the Elements software. Holds one multi-well culture plate or two 35mm dishes.

Nikon Perfect Focus combats axial focus flux in real time.


  • MRH10101 CFI Plan Fluor DLL 10X Objective Lens NA 0.3 WD 16MM, Eco-Glass
  • MRD30205 CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda DM 20x Objective Lens NA 0.75 WD 1.00MM
  • MRD00405 CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda 40x Dry Objective Lens NA 0.95 WD 0.21MM
  • MRD07602 CFI Plan Apo VC 60X Water Immersion (WI) Objective Lens NA 1.2 WD0.27MM, Eco-Glass

Fluorescent Filter Sets

  • Spectra X; Polychroic and quad bandpass emitter for use with the following single bandpass filters: ET395/25x, ET470/24x, ET550/15x,ET640/30x
  • Spectra X; Polychroic and triple bandpass emitter; CFP/YFP/M-Cherry
  • Custom DAPI Filter Set for use with SOLA, Exciter: ET395/25x, 25mmDichroic: T425LPXREmitter: ET460/50m, 25mm
  • TRITC (Rhodamine with Narrow-Band Excitation Filter) Filter Set,Ti Cube.Exciter: HQ545/30x, 25mmDichroic: Q570LPEmitter: HQ610/75m
  • 41025 Piston GFP Bandpass Filter Set. Exciter: HQ470/40x,25mm Dichroic: Q495LP Emitter: HQ515/30m
  • C-FL CY5 HYQ

 Service Contact

Doug Smith: Email / 352.392.1745

Disclaimer: The services and systems offered are available to researchers within the University of Florida system and affiliated institutions, as well as some off-campus entities with NIH funding, for their basic research projects or as part of basic research collaborations with other academic institutions or nonprofit organizations, which do not include involvement or funding from for-profit (commercial) organizations. The CTAC reserves the right to refuse service to any entity or project that may present a biological or health hazard, introduce potential pathogens, or otherwise pose a risk to staff or contamination to the facility.