CTAC / ICBR SOP : Recognition of Components of the Vaporizer


Title: Recognition of the Physical Components of the System Vaporizer

Materials Required:

  • System Vaporizer


To aid the user in recognition of the physical component parts of the System Vaporizer unit.


The IVIS Spectrum Imaging has an integrated anesthesia delivery system.  The vaporizer unit is the component that provides anesthetic vapor to the system.

System component identification:

IVIS vaporizer physical components

A. Is the lock for the vaporizer flow control. Requires depression to allow the vaporizer flow control to be rotated.

B. Is the vaporizer flow control, marked in graduations of 1% with 0.5% intervals.

C. Is the isoflurane fill level or window, with marks indicating the minimum and maximum fill lines for operation within calibration and the meniscus of the current fill amount showing.

D. Is the fill port locking nut, which must be disengaged to add isoflurane to the system.

E. Is the fill port blank insert and seal, which can be removed to add isoflurane to the system after disengaging the locking nut.

IVIS vaporizer physical components fill port

A. Is the fill port locking nut

B. Is the blank insert and fill port seal, shown inserted and removed

C. Is the fill port, shown ready for operation (left) and ready for receiving more anesthetic with the insert removed and the port open (right)



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