CTAC / ICBR SOP : Setting the Subject Scan Height and FOV


Title: Correct Setting of the Field of View and Scan Height using the IVIS Software (Living Image™) Control Panel

Materials Required:

  • Computer
  • Living Image™ software


To detail the controls and actions necessary to set the field of view and scan height appropriate to the subject(s) being scanned.

Software component identification:

IVIS Software Control Panel

The scan height controls are found in section A.


Area A. This area is used to control the vertical focal plane relative to the camera.  There are only 2 areas for user control.  All others are for CTAC staff only, in order to make major changes or conduct maintenance activities.

Users may select or change the value in “Field of View”.  Displayed here, it is on the default setting, C.  The options are A, B, C, D and E, all of which correspond to different shelf heights within the cabinet as the instrument is being used to acquire data.  These are displayed as a dropdown menu when clicking on the button.  As the system camera is in a fixed position, it is necessary to move the shelf to different heights to “”zoom” the picture in or out (see graphic).

Field of View

Users may alter the “Subject height” value to correspond to the highest point on a single experimental subject, or the highest (tallest) animal in a scanned group.  This ensures that the scan captures the entirety of the signal from the experimental subject.

Subject Height

Setting Scan Height and FOV